Motown-to-Southern Soul-to-Doo Wop-to-Black Rock-to-Disco-to-Slow Jams-to-Neo Soul-to-Spoken Word. (Requires registration.) shim
Soul City Limits
Northern Soul, '60s Soul, '70s and Modern Soul. shim
British soul site. shim
Soul Talk
British soul chat. shim
Black History
Six Web sites chosen as models for folks curious about African-American history. shim
The Universal Black Pages -- History
Compendium of African-American history sites. shim
Powell's Soul and Motown
The soul music section of Powell's Bookstore. (Our favorite: Peter Guralnick's "Sweet Soul Music.") shim
Rhino Records
Rhino's black history-in-music offerings. shim
The Sistah Circle Book Club
African American women's book club. shim
Google's "Readers of Black Literature"
Google directory of many black-oriented book groups. shim
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